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People are in a spiritual battle for our Ruach and for our next lives the life of peace and restoration through our Ha'Mashayak YAHOSHUAYAH'HOWAH is calling his people to awake and rise to return to His Torah (YARAH) (teachings to life) but along the way, we are finding that it is not easy to return.  Daily the children of Yash'raal (Modern Hebrew Yis'real or Isreal) are mentally (spiritually) challenged to deviate from the path of righteousness.  And with so many people walking in self-righteousness, the lines are blurred as to those that are made in righteousness and those with the appearance of righteousness.  Once YHWH confirmed what he placed in my heart as a child I knew after years of fighting my desires and that conforming to the desires of others that I had to change.  Yash'raal as a people need to change and it is not my plan but the plan of the Most High YHWH for it is not his desire that anyone should perish. 

Sadly, as prophesied, many people have and will continue to choose the path of darkness (Davarayam (Deuteronomy 30:19 KJV).  Many are willing to give up their everlasting lives with YHWH in an attempt to gain what makes them happy or pleases their gods.  This website, this space, myself, and eventually those that will work with me, is (are) completely dedicated and surrendered to YHWH.  I noticed many places attempt to combine the clean (YHWH) with the unclean (everything that is not of YHWH).  We will not do that here in this space.  The term, although we do have some wicked examples but that does not apply to everyone, is Hebrew or Ibreey and Yash’raal and I am thankful to be back in the House of YHW !  Hallal Wa YAH!

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Crushing fear reflects the conquering of the Ruach-ra that presents itself in the form of fear.  We fear but one and that is YHWH.  Although we have fear it is the fear of Him that can destroy the body and the soul, so this type of fear is a part of serving YHWH.  The fear of YHWH is a respect and a knowing of his great, the greatest, power, and we do not want to be on the wrong side of His judgment.  So, we fear something greater than the false representations of dysfunction we will overcome.  You are in a space that promotes the healing, renewal, restoration, redirection, reconfirmation, reconnection, and regraphing all through the power of YAHOSHUA our covenant!!

It is time to suit up with the word, the armor of YHWH!! 


Taking Back The Ability to Reason

Taking Back Our Ability to Reason Overcoming Mind Control 21/27/6  |  Yashyka Bayt Yash'real I beginning to see that people like living a superficial lifestyle. People also worship science instead of YHWH as they take what ever study “scientific” research is place before them. Many people believe in science over scriptures because they have not fully read and gained the u...

Unveiling The Thought Movement

Unveiling The Thought Movement 4/1/2021  |  Yaschica Bayt Yis'real Listen to the Audio As You Follow Along The Blog The importance of our words I explain how words tell a story, make things clear, and words paint visual pictures.  Words or phrases can also cause spiritual (psychological damage) and that is why the children of the world are experiencing more menta...

Spirits of Inspiration and Mindsets

Spirits of Inspiration and Mindsets 3/8/2021  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal Read along with the blog for visuals of the audio. The realization that mindsets and spirits are the same was an eye-opener for me.  When I attended conferences and other business training, I learned that those people would not give credit to The Most High YAH, but they would promote other so-...

A Healthy View of Biblical Increase and Riches

A Healthy View of Biblical Increase and Riches 3/1/2021  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal   The Children of Yah will be caused to take root. When I first began to look at the roots of what was happening in my life.  You see I am a cause-and-effect person.  Before I knew why we used certain sayings I did not know why I wanted to change things beyond the surface.&nb...

Breaking the Cycle of Suppression and Oppression

Breaking the Cycle of Suppression and Oppression 30 December 2020  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal One of my assignments inside of my calling is to encourage others to move forward.  In the process, I am learning that there are a lot of smoke screens, blinders, and flimsy imaginary walls put before us to keep us from moving out of our boxed in place.  Have you ever heard ...

Selecting The Correct Things To Rebel Against

Selecting The Correct Things to Rebel Against 21 December 2020 |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal I can feel the cloud of oppression, too, and it can come in many forms.  However, we tend to rebel against YAH instead of wickedness.  Rebelling against YAH is witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23 KJV), yet no one rebels against witchcraft, except for YAH's people.  People think today’s w...



  • Through Trust, Belief and Faith we can do all things possible.  This site and the products sold on this site is a reflection of this belief.


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