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Crushing Fear Blogs: Encouraging, Exhorting, Inspiring and Empowering The People of YAH to go beyond the fear to submit to demonic oppression but embrace "whom the son sets free is free indeed! (John 8:36 kjv)"

Obedience Is Not What We Think

Obedience Is Not What We Think Do Not Hate The Word Obedience 8/21/2021 |  YaShaYaKa BaT  YaSha'RaAL Listen to the audio and flow along with the blog if you desire: You can see example slides in the video above when I do the original hebrew word breakdown so you can see the symbols.  You can play and pause the video as needed. I know everyone that says...

The Meanings of the Hebrew Symbols

Some of the Meanings of the Hebrew Symbols 8/14/2021  |  YaShaYaKa BaYaTaw YaSha'RaALa  ALBT Listen to the Audio here: Pronunciation – ALaBaTaw and the meaning is th...

Learning to Speak Read and Overstand the Original Hebrew Part 1

Learning to Speak, Read, and Overstand the Original Hebrew Part 1 OBRY (OaBaRaYa) 8/14/2021  |  YSYK BTW YSha'RAL (YaShaYaKa BaTaW YaSha'RaAL) The way to finding Yash'raa...

Let Go of the Word Commandment

Let Go of the Words Commandment and Law 7/23/2021  |  Yashyaka Yasar Bat Yash'raal Listen to the Audio :  Learning Hebrew is a wonderful experience, challenging, an...

Taking Back The Ability to Reason

Taking Back Our Ability to Reason Overcoming Mind Control 21/27/6  |  Yashyka Bayt Yash'real I beginning to see that people like living a superficial lifestyle. People also w...

My Grace Hen Is Sufficient

My Grace Hen is Sufficient 6/6/2021  |  Yaschica Bat Y'Isreal I often wondered why people would look at me with a look of loathing as if I was weak minded when I gave all cred...

Pretending to be Humble the Spirit of Pride

Pretending to be Humble the Spirit of Pride 5/23/2021  |  Yaschica Bat Yis'real Over the years I have noticed that prideful people love to call all people prideful.  Alth...


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