Explaining Some of the Scripture Symbolism and YARAH

|  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

I want to introduce some of the symbolism in YARAH.   I will cover why we call scriptures armor, living waters, a refining fire, a two-edged sword or a sword, a lamp to our feet, or a pathway and doorway. 

First, watch the video about the YARAH Word Study.  I have added a link at the bottom of the video to bring you back to this blog or it should be open in another browser.  Some people have heard of Torah. If you've not heard of Torah you have heard of scriptures and the 10 commandments. Torah is the laws, statutes, and commandments laid out for us in scripture.  I do not mean the man-made laws added to scriptures but the laws of YAH. These things have not been taught to us. Instead, we are told that those who do practice it are religious. So it has scared people away because we're afraid of going off of the deep end or being too or a religious nut.  

So I'm here to crush that fear because it is a lie! YARAH is not a religion but a change of heart, spirit, soul, living waters, salvation, it is YAH.  YARAH is a cleansing water arrow to those that accept this water.  YARAH is pointing us in the right direction and it is our lamp, our pathway, and our doorway into the house of YAH.  Psalm 23.

YARAH is YAHOSHUA it is YAH. YARAH is the YAHOSHUA is the word made flesh (Yocanon or John 1 KJV). YARAH is the life instructions and guidance that self-help books and other wordly teachings can not teach.  Especially for those who decide to submit, follow, and serve The Most High YAH we are transformed into new creations. In this video, we're going to talk more about the symbolism that is referred to and the symbolism that you will see in most of my designs and in the videos.

We will talk about the armor, and we're going to talk about the armor without making it so exhausting to think about, but hopefully, I'll be able to relate it to life. I'm also going to include links to other blogs that will help you expand your study and learn more about other teachings that YAHOSHUA laid out before so we can understand how this works together. In understanding our scriptures, we're getting back into what is called Hebrew it is the original language, and over time you'll see other languages have used this as an origin to their languages, but it will provide clarity to the scriptures

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