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Obedience Is Not What We Think

Obedience Is Not What We Think Do Not Hate The Word Obedience 8/21/2021 |  YaShaYaKa BaT  YaSha'RaAL Listen to the audio and flow along with the blog if you desire: You can see example slides in the video above when I do the original hebrew word breakdown so you can see the symbols.  You can play and pause the video as needed. I know everyone that says...

The Meanings of the Hebrew Symbols

Some of the Meanings of the Hebrew Symbols 8/14/2021  |  YaShaYaKa BaYaTaw YaSha'RaALa  ALBT Listen to the Audio here: Pronunciation – ALaBaTaw and the meaning is th...

Learning to Speak Read and Overstand the Original Hebrew Part 1

Learning to Speak, Read, and Overstand the Original Hebrew Part 1 OBRY (OaBaRaYa) 8/14/2021  |  YSYK BTW YSha'RAL (YaShaYaKa BaTaW YaSha'RaAL) The way to finding Yash'raa...

Let Go of the Word Commandment

Let Go of the Words Commandment and Law 7/23/2021  |  Yashyaka Yasar Bat Yash'raal Listen to the Audio :  Learning Hebrew is a wonderful experience, challenging, an...

The Real Meaning of the Word Doctrine

The Real Meaning of the Word Doctrine 2/6/2021  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal The real meaning of the word doctrine is teaching.  You will hear mainstream media, education, and ...

The Meaning of the Name YHWH Our Alohym

The Meaning of YHWH Our Alohym 1/2021  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal  Read the blog for visuals in the audio.  Over the years we lost the name of our Alohym because ...

Faith In Hebrew Emunah

Faith In Hebrew Emunah 2/27/2021  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal When fastening we can look at the Hebrew letter the Waw.  The Waw is the nail. You may know YAHOSHUA was hung on ...


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