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Knowledge or Acknowledge Taking Back Our Minds

21 July 2020  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

We are tricked in following the things of the world instead of YAHSHUA because to be honest we are ignorant. I do not want you to be offended if you don’t see what this word is really saying. Mind games with words is brain washing. The term brain washing I believe is a twisting of when the Messiah states we need to be washed clean and renew our minds and be transformed through him by being turned back to Torah. The satanic world view seems close but is not the actual Torah (YARAH). If you are trying to make the scriptures and the world match your heart you are not following YAH. YAHSHUA did not come to save the world like we are told but he came to save his people. Translators took out The House of Y’srael and added world. Prime example of brain washing because now so many people believe we are supposed to feel sorry for the evil.

The best word for this is action is unacknowledged or lack of acknowledgement. The word does not mean one is void of knowledge, wisdom or the ability to understand but it means that with all of that many chose to act like they didn’t see, hear, or know of something. I will use lack of acknowledgement because it will be hard for the mind to let go of what we are led to believe ignorant means. We as a people ignore or fail to acknowledge the laws of YAH and we allow the children and followers of evil to misguide us. I am talking about the ones that have chosen to follow evil not the people that are still deceived. Those that are of YAH but are deceived can receive the seed of the truth of YAHSHUA but those that ignore the prompting of his spirit and confirmation of his laws, sadly will parish with wickedness.

 Hosea chap 4 verse 6

Hosea 4:6, just the first portion “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge:” just the first portion was shared over and over by the trained puppet masters. Keep reading and in the next portion of the scriptures YAH says, “because thou hast rejected knowledge.” Lack of knowledge and rejection of knowledge are not the same things as we mentioned earlier. We can see something is missing and we know that because The Most High YAH is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33 KJV).
We cannot lack and reject knowledge at the same time. A lack of knowledge means you do not have that knowledge. Rejection means you know it and you have chosen to ignore that knowledge. We can only be anointed and held as priest when we keep the law of YAH and it states that here in the word. Most will reject this statement because they believe the law is done away with so only taking bits and pieces to support doctrine of demons and man. The missing word in the verses is acknowledgement. “My people are destroyed for a lack of acknowledgement; because thou hast rejected knowledge,” The Most High just showed us the lie planted here by changing acknowledge to knowledge you think it’s something you don’t know.

We are called to turn back to YAHSHUA. The knowledge is given to us by his Set Apart Spirit. Due to slavery caused by disobedience the people of YAH do not have parents to pass this down as they are told in Exodus, so we now feel it spiritually. You know when we are not doing something right and the scriptures will confirm.

1st Timothy Chapter 4 verse 1 KJV


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