The Name Jesus

26 July 2020  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

Did you know this name does not have power for the children of YAHOSHUA? You may be upset, but if you want true power, you have to turn back to the true Messiah. The HaMashiach said in John 5:43 KJV

Whose Name Markup

What name is known across the world? What doctrine is not in the Bible? What doctrine uses scriptures but twists them and truly doesn’t understand them?

Let’s look at this name “Jesus”

Iesous or Iaso, don’t be fooled by all the name letter variations that are in the English language. The rules alone are enough to make us scream, but that’s done on purpose to trick us with words by confusing the words. Iaso Christos is who the Greeks call Christ, and the truth is this is where we got the name, Christ. Who was this person or pagan god to them?

Christos Research

The lie starts here. This name does not translate from Hebrew as Jeshua because there isn’t a “J” in Hebrew, and now after beginning studies of Hebrew, the spelling doesn’t mat up. Look up what Iesous means and is pronounced Le-Zeus or The Zeus.

Supposedly it’s a translation of Messiah. I will stick with the Messiah. Zeus is the primary Greek pagan god of mount Olympus. What does Zeus mean? Shine or sky. He carried the light bolts and was called the god of lightning. Lucifer means brilliant or shine, and he is referred to as the lightning bearer. I can not make this up. I can only share the connection because it is the ignoring and disconnect leading our people astray.

Many will say to you, “You don’t believe this do you? Because this is made up to mislead you.” and any time we hear this type of statement, it will cause us to doubt and ignore the truth. We tend to doubt our sanity, and that is part of the mind freak. If the scriptures did not confirm the name change and the false god, I would still be in ignorance. Praise the Ruach of YAH through YAHOSHUA that his scriptures are leading us to the truth!

YAHOSHUA Eytomology

Let’s start with the meaning and ignorance of Knowledge and Acknowledge. Watch the video below.


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