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The Name Jesus Part 2

  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

One thing that makes it hard for people to move on and submit to YAH is holding on to the lies.  There is no power in this name Jesus except to hold us captive to the law of sin.  I even heard someone say that this name was the name told to Moses.  Let us get real; why would YAH give Moses a Greek goddess name, aka Zeus.  Looking at the names' meaning will show you they are connected to the one that came in his name.

I know how hard it is to break old habits and traditions, especially once you realize you will be alone in this transition but remember YAHOSHUA will bring you through this process.  He will get you out of the darkness of man.  I want you to know the power is in the truth.  If you call YAH, father, he will answer.  Your heart called on him, and he responded, but we need to do better once we learn better. 

I pray you will quickly realize the importance of not worshipping another Elohim.  The very first commandment.  We are told the commandments are done away with, yet we wonder why the world is so evil.  Remember, sin is the transgression of YAH's law, not the law of religion or man.  You will experience spiritual attacks and attacks from others because, sadly, many will not accept YAHOSHUA as the way.  The world does not love the Messiah YAHSHUA, so his followers will not be in one of the largest religions.  We are called by his name so Christian cannot be that name because it belongs to the world.

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