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Psychology the study of the mind, or is it?  I hope to help you understand how the mind is the spirit.  The mind is the spiritual control center, and the spiritual realm impacts everything and everyone, including “non-believers” or “atheists.”  I will cover how we can overcome the war that we are fighting today between the mind, the spirit, good (YAH), and evil?  Let’s reason together.

Where did psychology originate?  See the picture of the word etymology below. 

Psychology Eytomology

Psycho Eytomology



Egyptians would cut open the head to “study” the brain.  Later, psychology was later developed as the study of our minds, but it controls our spirit.  I think it’s interesting how over time, we have come to believe psychology over the scriptures.  Perhaps you have also noticed the increase of “spiritual” people.  I have no doubt this increased with the rise of Psychology and religion, but it is practices outside of the scriptures if we look under the label.  We are told the scriptures are spiritual, so that makes those of us that follow YAHOSHUA “spiritual”?  We need to clarify the differences.  If someone is spiritual according to scriptures they understand the scriptures.  If someone is spiritualy attund to the world or their self the scriptures are foolishness to them (1 Corinthians 2:14 KJV).  

People go to counselors with the body of the Messiah.  YHWH (YAHWAY) counselors have the gift of exhortation.  We redirect you back to the commandments, and we help you lead your life with the Ruach (the breath of life) of YAH with YARAH (Torah).  Today, people spend a lot of money on the world's psychiatrist that delegates out to the therapist, and the therapist is the one that suggests what they believe is wrong with us.  Their diagnoses are not based on scriptures or the testimony of The Messiah.  Do you realize your therapist is trained in the spiritual?  Yes, psychologists and therapists are trained in the “new age” beliefs and practices.  Depending on what your therapist believes can impact the spirits they impart (inspire) during your sessions.

Based on your therapist’s recommendations, your psychiatrist will recommend prescriptions.  Pharmacy usually makes things worst, and many medications have demonic names.  Perhaps you will begin to recognize a snowball.  The therapist will implant learning theories into your thoughts to make you think something is wrong with you, but the problem is, you have spirits around you and in you because of sin (never forget you can still turn all this around.)  Mental trouble has increased as people are learning to manage sin instead of turning from sin.  YAH says to keep our minds stayed on him because it protects us, changes us, cleanses us, and keeps out evil.


In the scriptures, a person with a mental breakdown or a psychotic episode hand unclean spirits, or the best word for this is “possessed.”  Do you believe all the movies are made up?  Spiritual movies that do not specify “based on a true story” are still based on a true story.  Unclean spirits are among us today.  More importantly, YAH’s children that have YAHs Rauch are among us as well. 

The Helmet of Salvation Trusting In YAH

I am thankful that I am one of YAH’s children that is blessed with his Set-Apart Spirit!  I am not one by my power, for I can not boast that he allow me back into his house!! I have been chosen and therefore blessed by HaMashiach.  I do not know why; because I am not perfect or without ever committing sin or still working out my salvation, but I am certainly thankful for his grace and mercy!!  I was fed a lie for many years that we can not stop sinning.  Although we are a  new creation in HaMashiach (2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV), we are told that we are still sinners, so we will not change.  I encourage you to stop and define sin according to the scriptures of YAH, not man.  I am called to exhort you.  Stop at any time to search the scriptures, and the Ruach of YAH will lead you to HIS Truth.  Avoid following your own Truth.  If a spirit is leading you to follow something that just “feels right,” check that spirit by the scriptures.  If the scriptures are different from your Truth, acknowledge the Truth of the word.  The scriptures are not up to our interpretation. 


  • Through Trust, Belief and Faith we can do all things possible.  This site and the products sold on this site is a reflection of this belief.


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