Symbolism and Eytmology Connection To The Spiritual Mind Introduction

  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

The power of suggestion happens frequently, and that is the importance of understanding Torah (Yarah) is the armour to protect us against dark forces.  We soon learn that we fight against pressure from those around us to fit into what everyone else is doing.  In the scriptures, we are told that many have gone against Torah (Yarah) and have chosen to perish if they do not turn from their sin.  Those people are now the children of the world or referred to as the pagan in scriptures.  People want to believe the majority serve YAH but we have to embrace the truth that the pagan is the majority and doesn't serve YAH.  You can also tell because they attempt to force us into their beliefs, and they call it "convert" or "like-minded." 

Many groups of people believe they are "like-minded." I find that they automatically assume the people they allow into their organizations need to think like them and do what they do.  Perhaps you think that is what religion does, and that is correct, but that is not the same as following scriptures.  One of the things that help me determine the children of the world from the children of YAH is how the children of the world keep people out of their groups.  The children of YAH we discern by sin who we need to let go because we do not allow sin to manifest in homes, hearts, and lives.  We want to remove the sin.  The children of the world do not want to let their sins go so and they go with the "love" everyone.  Misery loves company.  YAHOSHUA did not suffer and die for sin.  The world's children will shut out those that go against their sins because we do not think like them. 

Another common identifier of those that have turned against YAH is the statement they have embraced "their truth." Those individuals also expect the wickedness of celebration of their sin, or if you do not celebrate, you are called religious.  Why would we celebrate your destruction?  Religious and following of scriptures are not the same thing.  Religion is used to drive us away from spending time in the scriptures.  We live in the days that people call good evil and evil good, and that is the backward operations and beliefs of the children of the world.  You have not overcome sin if you still commit the sin and justify the sin.

Eytmology pic


Etymology is important to understand the words we are given today and the real meaning of the words in the scripture.  What did the Hebrew words really mean?  Hebrew words are symbolic in meaning and based on action.

Symbolism is everywhere. 



Logos are symbolisms, but the question is, "do you know what those symbols represent?" Today, we can have satanic symbols in our faces, and we do not know what we see because we do not know what they represent. Understanding these symbols will help us to avoid the traps of wickedness recognize (discern) them.  Some people tell me that symbolism does not matter, so I know they are in a state of spiritual blindness or ignorance.  The meaning of symbolism has been watered down.  Here is an example to make people think it just means something the author wants to say without saying.  The point out it is supposed to be abstract, meaning mood or emotion.

Watered Down Symbolism example

We need to understand a symbol is not just an abstract meaning, but it is a message, instruction, description, or warning.  The symbol is a message, and we need to know what the message means.  The description is of the thing or person it represents, and it tells us what they think or feel.  "As a man think in his heart (spirit) so he is. Proverbs 23:7 KJV"  We would also see this as a mark in some cases. 



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