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Is Ignorance A Lack of Knowledge?

  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

Is ignorance really a lack of knowledge?  In my podcast about "Acknowledgement and Knowledge"  I noticed the word ignorance was under one of the description.  But did ignorance belong there?   If you did not read or listen to this video first start there and then return to this blog so you can understand ignorance better.  Read the blog: Knowledge or Acknowledge Taking Back Our Minds

The english language is built to deceive (defraud) and trick people and that's one of the reasons they make it so hard.  Here I am going to strip off the masks, costumes, and lies and let's dig deeper.  Let us get to the bottom of things.  Freedom is the freedom to be who we are in HaMaschiach and not a copy of one of the world image.


Let's dive in and look at this example of brainwashing:

Ignorance Eytmology


The root word is "Ignore" so we need to look at the root word now.

Ignorance Eytmology 2 

Ignore is a refusal to accept or acknowledge.  Ignore means to know something and to make a decision not to believe or recognize what you see and hear or close your eyes to what you know.

Now, let's look at "ance" to see why is it a part of the word ignorance?

Ance eytomology 1

The word "ance" means a state of being.  A state of being describes something we are doing and how we are stuck in this phase or state of being. 

How can the word ignorance be totally different from the root word meaning?  Yet another reason we need to talk to our children about what they are learning.  Parents can stop this as we learn the truth and acknowledge the truth.  Who created this definition and applied it to a particular people group they also created a label for this group?

Here's the eytmology of ignorance:

Ignorance Eytmology4

We can determine that the meaning of this word is a lie because it conflicts with the rules for root word meanings and the meaning of the suffix added to the word.  In other words the conflict doesn't lie in the scriptures here but in the use and creation of this word from the beast system.  Is ignorance a lack of knowledge?  Watch the video for the answer and more clarification.

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