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Self-Righteousness or Righteousness

  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

Many have heard or called others self-righteous, but what is self-righteousness? First, we will have to define righteousness. In the example, there is only one accurate description. The other words are used for brainwashing people to think there is no way you, a so-called average person, can be righteous. We have false images of righteousness from the beast system. The world (beast system) righteousness is different than YAH's righteousness.


Flipping the script has appeared mostly in pagan (world) practices, but now it is also known in the Church system, and they are teaching the members to do the same, flipping the script to confirm or justify sin.  People using the scripture to create a reason to sin will always see conflicting scripture.  One way to make the message of scriptures appear to conflict is a false interpretation of a Hebrew word, man creating their own doctrine, and change the English word's meaning over time.   

We have learned more about the words that are changed, and the real meanings are called etymology.  If you are a person that does not like to read, perhaps, that's because the English language is filled with tricks and fluff that makes it seem harder than it has to be.  The languages are for communication, and that's hard when the rules are purposely made to trick people or leave people out.  I hope I can help you simplify the things that are created to hold us back.  The Most High YAH wants more for his people, so we have to make sure we move things out of our sight that is misleading us.

Self-righteousness is deeming yourself as worthy or more worthy than YAH.  You may have a form of righteousness if you decided a scripture is up to your interpretation or if you believe the world knows better, you can do it better, or the so-called old ways are gone. 

2 Peter 1 20 and 21

The "modern agenda" is leading people to believe they can interpret scripture how they feel because many people have a hard time thinking YAH is giving us life and not trying to take it away.  In the YARAH, we receive instruction on how to live everyday life and overcome evil.  But people instead pick up a book written by a person (inspired by some wickedness) or search online without picking up the scriptures. 

Act 19 19


I am not saying you can not read those books (many of us understand they aren't worth our time and money because they use a form of witchcraft in their teachings), but totally eliminating what YAH says is seeking the path of destruction.

We must stop taking a version of the commandments and making it into our own.  You are not creative when you twist scripture.


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