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What Is Religion?

|  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

I recommend reading this blog, “Religion versus Living Scriptures.”  There is a lie The Most High is revealing that religion is not his word (scriptures, YARAH).  We know this is true because of testing the scriptures and what we see in the world.  If you have attended Church even for a short time, you may have noticed they receive the same safe scriptures repeatedly.  During Bible studies, you are required to buy their selection of books.  The most popular thought leaders in their circles write the selected books.  A thought leader is an idol or someone sent to lead the people in specific directions.  The best manipulators or thought leaders are also speakers, and I think it is interesting that the preacher is very close to the word speaker, and the Church has combined the two titles to speak regularly.  I will dig into the word and concept soon.  Although they have managed to pull out a set number of scriptures for their books, they do not give you full teaching or word teaching because they cannot do what they call “going deep.”  Regardless of the length of time, they appear to be righteous.  Learn more about righteousness on this blog: Righteous or Unrighteous

The Christian leaders must keep us, babies because we control what babies eat.  The scriptures regularly refer to the word as spiritual food and water.  We need to grow and mature in scripture.  No, you do not have to start a church to mature in the scriptures.  In fact, DO NOT start another mindless church demonic denomination.  Study the scriptures and do not appear “learned.”  We were taught in Christian Churches (I will stress the difference because there are various churches, including satanic churches; therefore you are advised not to just walk into any church.  I will focus on Christianity because that is the demonic trap most of us are coming out of because of Roman Catholic.)

Religion Eytmology


Religion Eytmology2

Religion is a particular system of faith and worship of superhuman controlling power, especially a created god (idols) by a person that ascribes supreme importance. 

Our YARAH is understood to be a particular system of faith and worship.  There was order or steps in the assembly, yes, because the sacrifice was symbolic of the spiritual revealing of YAHOSHUA, the lamb.  Symbolic of the spiritual is also different repetitious rituals.  The lie is that following YARAH is the same as religious practices.  Religion is the block in front of true YARAH so you do not see the spiritual (the scriptures) behind demonic rituals.

Religion Eytmology3


“Threskeia” is the word religion and it is not in the so-called “Old Testimate.”


Religion Eytmology4


The word “religion” does not appear until the so-called “New Testimate.”  The “New Testimate” is where the “Greek” insert their traditions and words upon us.

Religion Eytmology5

Roman-Greek and other pagan religious practices are covertly forced on us daily.  Once I began reviewing the YARAH I could see how the world calls evil good and good evil.  I can see how the world does everything opposite YAH.  YAH warns of casting down vain imaginations that setup themselves against YAH.  We are trained in sin from the beginning.  Sin is not simply a spirit waiting on us but it is the lack of YARAH teachings and a current practice of sin.  We must get back to YAH, and regardless of what the lost will tell you, you love them by keeping them from sin, and the world’s practices are sin. 

Is YARAH (TORAH) religion?  No, as you can see above.  YARAH when taught correct by the people of YAH is a book of how to walk this path in life that will lead to heaven.  YARAH is our spiritual protection and armor to protect us in this current wicked world so that we still can have joy here.  YARAH is  better than self-help books or other false books that are in reality are the doctrine of demons.  YARAH is the truth!!




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