Faith Is An Action

  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

We often hear "have faith." But do you wonder how to apply that to everyday living? Perhaps you say I do have faith but things don't seem to be working, or a loved one is still ill or has passed. Or you still feel fearful. I know it didn't make sense to me either because I have faith.

We are familiar with the term faith is the belief in the unseen (Hebrews 11:1). And faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of YAH (Romans 10:17). Okay, that's good. What am I missing? I know these were my thoughts too. I also didn't want to be so extreme in faith that I did not walk out the physical. Abba guides our steps remember so never moving is not faith either, but faith without works means the works (living out YARAH or Torah) of Abba and doing of good deeds and actions (James 2:14-26). We have to move when he instructs us to move. Because we have to believe he is all powerful and his works and actions are greater than what the spirits of the world tell us can't work. We also need to wait when he tells us to wait. I will discuss how to wait in YAH lead action later.)

Faith Is More Than A Belief

In the greek/roman culture that we are in now, we are taught faith is whatever you believe. If you believe something is real and can do something, it's faith. However, in the scriptures, the Israelites walked out of faith, and faith is an action. Faith is keeping his Torah (YARAH) even though no one around you is keeping it or when they laugh at you.

Hearing From Elohim

What does that instruction look like you may ask? I can hear Abba in my thoughts and spiritual nudges that all align with his word. I also get a dream and vision messages. Often speaking with true righteous counselors.  You say no that's not YAH. He doesn't speak to us that way, but yes he does. We have to learn his character first. YAHOSHUA left us many parables, and he left us the comforter or the Holy Spirit who leads us to the truth. The Holy Spirit can only say what the YAH says, and he can not speak on his own. What the Holy Spirit says will align with the Bible, so read and study the Bible! Evil sets itself against the word of Elohim, and that's the indicator those thoughts are not from Yahovaha.

Here's what I have learned so far

  1. Faith means knowing when to move in Yahovah’s timing.
  2. Faith is not having a backup plan because when following Yahovah we don't need a backup. I know that one was hard for me too.  Forcing things to work will only create an outcome you have to maintain yourself.
  3. Faith is not cutting corners, lying, being sneaky, manipulation, and depending on man-made networks.
  4. Faith means waiting when we have done all we can in this realm.
  5. Faith means still standing on his word. Faith means keeping Yahovah’s commandments.
  6. Faith knows when Yahovah says we are a set apart people we live like we are set apart we don't attempt to be relevant. We live like we have the favor because faith means we don't live in fear.
  7. Faith is standing strong even when things don't make sense but you know Abba has instructed you.



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