Intuition or The Set Apart Spirit of YAH

  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

Many will say that intuition or that gut feeling is the Ruach.  I know it is very easy to take the credit that belongs to the Ruach (Set Apart Spirit of Yah).  However, when we operate from our feelings we normally end up in a mess (Psalm 40 KJV).  We don't operate from emotions and expect a good outcome.  Did you know intuition is a feeling, sensing, or thought?  The keyword is it is a feeling and sensing.  When I say the word immediately the words sensing, senses, intuitive, and psychic pop into my mind.  No doubt for me it's the Ruach warning me.

Now I know intuition is associated with witchcraft. I know that's not the guidance I seek, and I will not seek out people who rely on these so-called gifts.  I pray that I am directed to the will of the Most High.  I want to please Yahovah in everything I do so I am careful what I think and what I say.  I operate in the Ruach and the word is his direction. Yes, there are supernatural things that happen, and I don’t mean trance or passing out in the spirit.  The supernatural is realizing YAH's guidance in many situations and I give him thanks.

In the last year or so I have learned to embrace my role as a woman in the home.  Many feminists will be offended here but I don't care.  I clean and cook more than anyone and I don't mind anymore.  I enjoy doing these things for our family.  Because I do these things chores are easier.

We have inspections for our home and this time I did not see the notice.  Thankfully, not luckily because we don't believe in or need luck, we have favor.  Thankfully because I complete my chores, I was ready.  In fact, the morning of I would normally go to the park but that morning I was directed to go home and take care of some extra wipe down and wash dishes.  I am not always sure why, but I followed.  I could have ignored that prompting and sat down to start work extra early.  Thankfully I listened and without knowing it I was ready for the inspection!!  I had the leading of YAH.  NOT intuition but YAH who cares about our wellbeing even in the smallest of things.

Praise YAH!!



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