Slave or Servant Two Different Words

  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

The word and meaning of slave and servant are different yet, as I am reading through the scriptures, I realize the word servant and slave are used interchangeably today.  The scriptures call a slave a bondman or bondswoman.  I will not add the verses in this portion of the blog as these are first my own thoughts.  I will add the scriptures and passage addresses at the end as I finally realize that many people are using our beloved scriptures to control us.  I do not want to influence your thoughts but instead, I want to give you something to think about and discuss with me.  In the scriptures, it is called “let us reason together.”  I am sure some Hebrew or Jewish scholars have another name but since I believe we should not make things harder than they should be I will call it reason.

A slave is normally someone that must submit and do things against their will.  They are not allowed to do according to their will or own desires.  Before you jump on me and say well you must die to self when you serve the Messiah and The Most High.  Correct, but that is also two different things.  I willingly submit and serve The Messiah and The Most High because I know they know better than I do.  I know that sin is the transgression of HIS laws (which are guidelines to keep us clean and safe) so I have free will to serve his laws.  Desires are freely given but it is the type of desire that is important here.  Since the heart of man is normal against the laws of YAH or what is called evil we have to leave those desires behind.  They are dangerous and are opening the doors to hurt others and make us slaves (bondman or bondwoman) to dark principalities or (evil spirits or the fallen ones).  Now since many people are deceived to believing we can “serve” both I have learned that just as The Messiah said, “we can not serve two masters.”  Therefore you will willingly serve one or out of HIS protection, we will unwillingly become a slave to the other.  If you have ever felt like you can’t leave harmful habits behind this is why.  We need that supernatural assist from The Most High and The Messiah called the “Set-Apart Spirit of YAHWAY.  Soon we want the best for ourselves and others and therefore our desires are his desires.

Once you realize that only The Most High and The Messiah want the best for us you will begin to realize that his judgment only comes to evil.  So are you a slave to sin or a servant to The Most High and The Messiah?  If you are a servant, you willing submit and he will change you.  I look forward to meeting the new you made new only through The Messiah.


Deuteronomy Chapter 15 KJV

John 8:36 KJV

Matthew 6:24 KJV

Psalm 37:4 KJV

Jeremiah 31:33 KJV

1 John 1:34 KJV



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