Can Business Owners Really Control Our Own Work Schedules?

  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

Do we, as business owners, really have power over our own schedules?  Honestly, I am wondering these days as business ownership was an opportunity to stop working like a slave and provide the services to clients that I thought was always missing.  I thought I could have the flexibility to run the business until I realize clients believe they run the business.  I felt the client's pain when they said they could get an appointment or they were being overcharged, as I worked for other companies.  I thought I understood, but today I know I did not, but I do now.

I remember working for employers that would give me a hard time about time off, and in fact, I would accumulate time off and then could not use that time.  However, those same employers would not allow me to roll that time over.  I had one position where they did what they called comp time.  The comp time was not paid out until we terminated was need bulk time off.  Basically, they did not expect me to use the time off.  I quickly learned that I did not have the same flexibility as others, and sadly, racism does play a fact.  Whether we like to admit this or not, and I did not want to touch on this subject, people gave me a hard time because of things they think they know about a certain people group.  I also learned that certain people and the group that we are lumped into get treated differently.

If we try to say we are treated differently, we can feel other created people groups' backlash.  Mind you, I am only saying I do not believe in classifying people according to skin color because that was not done in the scriptures.  People are separated by who they serve spiritually but not today others have made skin color an issue. 

Ephesians 6 10 to 12 KJV

I am slow to anger with people because I know they are driven by dark forces physically and naturally; however, just as the Most High does, there is a time limit.  We need to stop committing the sin that allows these dark forces to control us.  Once we come back to YAHWAY, repent, and acknowledge the truth of his YAHRAH, we can overcome those dark forces.  Today, as I turn back to literally living, the YAHRAH we are suffering spiritually because people fight against any kind of order.  I refuse to give in to their bad habits, and because of this, I am being rewarded freedom and power to control my own business and not one run by spiritual slave masters and their little minions. 


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