Why I Turned Back To YAH

  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

On my journey to find healing, I learned that the people that are supposed to teach us the way of Torah (YARAH) would lead us down the wrong path. A path that will keep us in an endless circle of pain because we refuse to get to the root of the matter by not turning from our sins. I do not believe in just putting a band-aid on a problem. I believe we need to conquer the problem. We are told in thescriptures we are conquers Romans 8:37 KJV. What does that mean if we are following the doctrine of demons and man? (Isaiah 6: 23-24 KJV) Whether we know it or not, a good lie is based on truth. When we don't read for ourselves, we are given the scriptures that oppressors believe will keep the people of YAH in fear so they can continue to control us.

When I realized that people from many different walks of life used techniques to control their friends, family, associates, and others, I realized something had to give. I often felt as if I was always walking on eggshells, like I could not do anything right with people. Many would fly off into fits of anger, often taken it out on me. I would be the butt of many jokes, and many people acted to purposely try to tear down my positive and hopeful outlook on what The Most High could do. Many people would tell me I could not accomplish the goals that I set out to achieve. Although I did not know YARAH, there was always a spirit in me that did not give up and know that The Most High had so much more for us in his plan. Yet, my response from the pressure and sadness of trying to please others, I felt like a failure, and after a couple of failed relationships with men, I could not take it anymore, and I become suicidal.  I was walking about the spiritual dead, a place void of life.

dead trees

Eventually, I learned this is not an option, and although people could see the strength of YAH in me, they realized I did not know my strength in him, and many quickly learned they could push me around. However, once I realized I wasn't going to take their crap, they had a problem with me and often thought that abandoning me would hurt me. I quickly learned my only hope and trust is in YAHOSHUA! Once I did not play into those tactics, the next step was to try and tear me down as a person. I learned that many prideful selfish people need to tear down others to feel better and feed off encouragement. In turn, I realized that I would not play that game, and only those that want true change could be allowed in my life.

The Hamaschich YAHOSHUA changed me! Once I was able to study and read his word, he started confirming many of the things I knew all along.  I finally stopped seeking people to confirm what I was feeling about how we are to live when we give our lives/selves to The Messiah because I could verify in the scriptures.  Soon I was able to feel the prompting of the Set-Apart Spirit of YAH more and more.  I started learning the importance of studying the scriptures day and night.  When you study day and night and combine that with Sabbath studies, the revelation of the Spirit of Truth of YAH becomes more and more apparent. 


Gal 1 10

If you said, "That wouldn't have happened to me." You have that oppressive spirit because you are most likely pushing around the people around you, manipulating them, controlling situations and people.  The moment someone stops making you happy, you will raise hell to so-call get them back in check.  We no longer serve people with this spirit because we no longer conform to people-pleasing.  I had to learn this in business, as well.  Many people call people-pleasing customer service.  I learn the difference, and normally I have to turn those people away before I let them in my business to do damage.  They love to get work without pay, and it's no happening here!


  • Through Trust, Belief and Faith we can do all things possible.  This site and the products sold on this site is a reflection of this belief.


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