Taking Back Our Ability to Reason

Overcoming Mind Control

  |  Yashyka Bayt Yash'real

I beginning to see that people like living a superficial lifestyle. People also worship science instead of YHWH as they take what ever study “scientific” research is place before them. Many people believe in science over scriptures because they have not fully read and gained the understanding to see the things that are there to take care of us as in healthy living, righteousness, and to grow and sustain us. Because people think science is giving them something they can see they take that over the scriptures. I encourage you to question this thinking because the ability to reason is going to get us to the only door of the only truth, YAHOSHUA.

Reason is questioning and comparison of the facts to reach a clear understanding by acknowledgement of the truth of your findings. Most people ignore their findings therefore never gaining even a basic understanding. 

Reason Eytomology

1 Timothy 7:32 KJV - Forever learning but never coming to the acknowledgement or knowledge (knowing as in understanding) of the scriptures.

As I watch how people react to my natural tendencies to examine things they believe because I “think” or “consider” things, and I always match the spiritual to the natural as a true Talmed (male student) and Talmedah (woman student) are instructed to do, that I am over thinking things. I see a red flag from people that seem to want to shut down my thinking. Reasoning is a form of putting on your armor of YHWH and this is the action of casting down doctrine that comes against YHWH’s doctrine. If we do not believe THE TORAH (teachings) of YHWH reigns supreme you fall in with the world worshipers of mammon.

But most people want to look at a dysfunctional version of the spiritual, but they do not use the scriptures. Mainly because people have it twisted as they believe the scriptures are religion and not spiritual. Very interesting because people are afraid to read the scriptures or if they read them before but with someone walking (goading) them through the scriptures they are afraid of what they will see if they allow YHWH to guide them. The bible changes people if you want it to change you because you are willing to acknowledge the truth and began to see religion has set itself up as spiritual pretending to be YHWH. When you read the scriptures and ask for YAH to remove the blinders and open your hearing with an acceptance of truth and HIS understanding, not yours or someone else’s understanding, you can see the religion (doctrine of demons and man.) The religious practices add to the scriptures (indicative of a heavier unnecessary weight) or takes away (conflicting statements because certain people believe they needed to “simplify” YHWH’s teachings (Torah) and I noticed this even before I began studying Hebrew. Now studying Hebrew, I can see below the surface, because spiritually we know something is off, or I can see the higher levels.  

I recognize the “add to” in most of the things that we are told to do by the world. The “shoulds” add weight and chaos to our schedules therefore limit the real feeding and watering from YHWH because all of a sudden “we do not have time.” Time to hear from the Most High YHWH can never change. We are not elevated by YHWH to be left to our own devices because rest assured it is YAH’s hand, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding (YARAH) that got us there.

Since people like a superficial lifestyle when the pressing comes to eliminating the added heavier doctrine from our lives people refuse. People want to know how they can obtain the blessings of YHWH without walking out the YARAH (Torah). People walk in fear of being different although YHWH has shown time and time again, He is the head, creator, life giver, life taker, protector, shepherd, strong tower, the rock, the provider, and the savior.

Once we learn the character of YHWH (His breath and life in us- the Ruach of YHWH) we can begin to understand how all powerful and all knowing our creator is above measure.   I found it help me to get rid of things that would keep me floundering around like a fish out of water with no hope or someone caught in a whirlpool only destined to be pulled to the bottom to drown. Getting caught up into someone else’s chaos is damaging to use and when we allow the thoughts and plans of other to come before the mind (covenant) of HaMashiach YAHOSHUA we move away for YARAH.

Hebrew Guide

The word for dysfunctional in scriptures is Ra (the resh and aleph) and is the picture of a man that comes before the strength of YAH. I found that to be very interesting that is dysfunctional or disorder. Tov is one of the words for good in Hebrew and it means to be filled with order, function, and light. YHWH fills a void. Wow! YAHOSHUA said there is but one good. One that is functioning in order and gives light and life, and the scriptures tell us we can be made in that image. The image of function to be brought out of disfunction. The word for sick or disease is Chala in Hebrew and it is the picture of a separation from our shepherd (savior) our strong leader or teacher.

When we stop looking thinking about what people are saying to us, we are submitting the will of their spoken words. I am watching as people continue to use the same words that deceive us and control because it makes people feel comfortable. If you feel comfortable something is wrong. We must let go of the words that direct us in the dysfunctional thinking. I realized as I listen closely to the things people would say to me and I would look up the meaning. Sadly, people love to say words they believe you do not understand so they can operate in passive aggressiveness. I look up the meaning of the words and the origin and I accept the truth of the meaning. When I heard the phrase to speak into someone’s life and then the movement of empty affirmations soon helps me to realize that words control our minds more than we know and therefore certain words need to be “mainstream.” The word stream is a flowing or watering as in the main water point but this water point can dead end and become stagnant creating dead murky waters and divination or practice of rebellion against YHWH is the moving away from his protection to be enchanted and the word contains the picture of water to move away from YARAH.

Lingo reveals not just a common people but people with an understanding of how words work. Warning flags should go up when we hear people continue to say words, we know the meaning is destructive. Renewing your mind does not mean chanting prideful statements over and over or attempting to “speak something” into your life. What are you doing to follow YARAH? Scriptures tell us that those that go their own way are double minded and unstable and you can not expect to receive anything of YHWH. You can not mix the things of YHWH with the world but so many people try, and many are forcing their beliefs down the throats of others because they believe they can influence and change those around them therefore continuing the spread of dysfunction and separation known as rebellion.

I noticed when you are in certain situations, you cannot say certain words and people hate it if you mention scriptures. Even mentioning a scripture is forcing a belief to the children of the world but the truth of the scripture, not when used to control people, will set the mind/Ruach free. I know that is the problem because if it means a someone needs to cut something to be free, the prideful person thinks they will just change the definition of free and continue to struggle with dysfunction because it feels safe, or the person feel superior.

I noticed that the stuck person talks a lot about how everyone else is not moving forward or doing what they believe their doing but if you can see into the reality of their lives, they really are the stuck people. They make loud noise, but they hate on those of us that put their callings into actions, and I have seen some of them attempt to take me off path. Anany in Hebrew means to search for one’s path or reconnection back to the aleph and the tov the beginning and the end, the covenant, the life, YHWH. Learning that my calling is in alignment with order and the works of YHWH is performed in everything from home management through business management and everything in between.

Reasoning Flow Chart


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