Spiritual Poverty and Poverty In Money Are Not The Same

  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

I will tell you right away no unless you have made money your Elohim. If you put your faith in money, and most of us have at one point, you need to refocus your faith. Faith means to fasten. Looks past the Greek that says faith is to have a thought and go with that thought. Faith means to secure yourself to something or someone. In the last blog, we talked about serving two masters. Do you feel the difference when you noticed you are pulled between the world and YAH? I can feel the pull, and mostly it uses people. As soon as I see something in the scriptures, the gods of this world will send people to try and cause me to think I am wrong or crazy. The world wants to make sure we don’t believe and act on the word of YAH because if we do, we break the strongholds. We split the lies, and we are empowered with the Set-Apart Spirit of YAH to overcome.

I had to start getting my house in order. I had to reprioritizes and stop listing to people that don’t follow the scriptures. I need to be confident that the blessings will flow for following scriptures. Before I knew I was on the right path, we did lose a lot, and I thought it was because I did not go back out and get a job. I had to walk on faith because every job I have had will not allow me to walk in the scriptures, and even after starting my own business, I found that people tried to control when and how I worked. Many made reports like I did not want business if I did not work all night or all weekend to clean up a mess they caused. If people follow the tips I give them, we can all get things completed faster. I soon learned that many people do not want an organized plan because they do not recognize order and think they know better than YAH.

I put home first, and I am so much happier. Do we have to live without or in less than ideal conditions? No, because we also prioritize our wants and needs? I am sure you have heard we do not need as much as we think we do, and it is accurate, and this is not broken thinking. The people that suffer from spiritual poverty are wasteful individuals. However, you will not like this blog if you are all about things. Freedom did not come with giving things away because I lost things trying to hold on to them. Spiritual Freedom and healing came when I stop living out of order of YARAH! Spiritual poverty is the lack of YARAH, but a poor spirit is a humbleness.  Having a child like faith means that you don't let other things block how you see YAH.  You don't have any preconceived notions but you understand that you have much to learn from YAH.

One key to note is don't let people get in the way of what YAH is calling you to do. Make sure it YAH first.


  • Through Trust, Belief and Faith we can do all things possible.  This site and the products sold on this site is a reflection of this belief.


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