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Budgeting Is Wisdom and Not Poor Thinking

  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

I am surprised that we feel like we are living in poverty when we take measures to take control of our wealth.  Remember from the blog post “Money Is A Supply and Not A Resource”  I talk about the fact that what YAH Way (YHWH) calls wealth is not what this crazy government calls wealth and that makes a big difference!  Number one I think we let them press us into monetary poverty because we think we need to have a certain number in the bank.  Why is 7 million dollars earned a year considered a ‘small business’ owner?  And why do the children of the world that earn this money will steal, lie, cheat, kill, and destroy to earn more?  As discussed in the other blog I mention that money is not backed by gold so essentially it is paper with a possible promise that they can take from us at any time without any explanation as if having this paper that I know most of us have earned is treated as privilege to have this paper.  However, you can’t take what a worker has earned on the spiritual level because YAH WAY will hear the cry of his children.

Considering the paper or the bank number can be taken when the gods of the children of the world decide to do take what the call “wealth” we will have what The Most High has given us.  However, we still feel like we are poor when we start to budget or if we decided not to be wasteful of our wealth.  If you have noticed that food is wealth yet people through it away as if it is unlimited.  Even growing seed the grower will do what they call “thinning” and will literally throw away seed.  Seed is wealth that grows more wealth so when that investment does not make it can deplete resources.  Here’s where learning what true wealth is will help us to protect and be more aware of how we use the true resources. 

When we budget and have boundaries on how much we spend and when we spend will increase the trading supplies we need to accumulate wealth over time and it will also help us obtain the starting materials to begin to grow or make our own supplies and resources.  I can go on an on about how not being wasteful and thinking about what we spend (budgeting) will help you reach real wealth over time making you operate in the wisdom of YAHSHUA.


  • Through Trust, Belief and Faith we can do all things possible.  This site and the products sold on this site is a reflection of this belief.


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