Why I Stopped Celebrating The World's Holidays

  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

I thought I would miss the celebration of the world's holidays but as YAHOSHUA promises the more you seek him he will open doors. YAH also said he would show us what He knows. He is taking the scales off our eyes to the devil's schemes. Many people refer to this to an awaking or get woke. I would also add it's cleansing or refinement. Awakening to the truth of the YAH after thousands of years of walking in the deception is freedom.

The very things that seem small and insignificant are the things that are important to YAH. Many say that YAH doesn't care about the details because they believe the scriptures don't apply to today. Wait, stop and realize he's revealing these things to us because they are essential. If the devil is in the details why would our Elohym and Savior not be in the details? Evil knows to begin with the small things to unravel a big thing. Looking at YAH's word it's filled with details. However, we mostly look for the big miracles and skip the smaller miracles and blessings. We miss the details leading up to the big miracle. Today, realize YAH IS in the details and become more vigilant. We only need one tiny hole in the fabric to stretch and grow over time.

Abba seeks obedience, and Satan knows this, and that's why he does everything opposite. Discernment can be a challenge, but many things are contradictory. If Chavah (Eve) would have remembered that YAH said do not touch that tree and stood firm on the word of YAH she would not have listened to the Satan in the garden (Genesis). Abba's word is true, and YAHOSHUA is the living word.

Let's dive into examples:

1. "I wish upon a star." Why? Why are we wishing and why is it upon a star. Sounds like a snare to get us to worship the stars and to use magical wishes. All of which Abba said not to do. Look up the meaning of wish. Deuteronomy 18:10 NIV and look up cross-references.  The five pointed "star" we know today is a pentagram.  Look up the star of rephram (Acts 7:43 kjv).

Which words stand out to you in this definition that Abba said to avoid?

2. Why do we need separate holidays of celebration? Abba did not ordain these day and many others. Exodus 20:12, Ephesians 6:2.

3. Abba never said to celebrate the birth of Christ. Why do we have Christmas? And Christmas is not the birth of HaMashiach YAHOSHUA. Mas in Christmas signifies a Roman-Catholic holiday. Pagan worship of their false god.  Here's a very interesting video regarding Easter and Christmas.  These are not God's holidays and we need to let them go.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqomQ4fF7s0

4. Do not worship me with pagan practices. The excuse is "god" knows my heart. Is this pride? Deuteronomy 12:4, Proverbs 14:12

5. What about the words we use? Are we speaking word curses over ourselves? We have the power of life and death in the tongue. People don't realize this means spiritual impact not physical. Only YAH can make it manifest into the earthly realm when he desires. Evil trick us into using words that create strongholds. My grandmother told me to "watch what you say; it just might come true." She was right.

Can you think of "trendy" words that people use over and over again? Example: Obsessed. Look up the meaning? Is this a word to apply for a Follower of YAHOSHUA?

Dig deeper people don't just take my word for what YAH says. Ask The Holy Spirit of YAH to guide you to what he wants you to see. Also, reach out if you would like some video links to some of this information that reveal the truth in alignment with the word of YAH.



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