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Our Scripture Interpretation

  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal

Most recently I have noticed many people argue over scriptures. We are told in the scriptures not to argue (2 Timothy 2:14 KJV). I know some things require a deeper understanding but the word of YAH says that we have the Holy Spirit that will reveal the truth to us, as we study and pray because we have to put some effort into this as well, and we can also ask for understanding and wisdom (John 14:26, John 16:13, James 1:15 ESV). Godly understanding and wisdom far outweigh worldly knowledge and wisdom. We have colleges set up to make us think we know it all but we have missed the Holy Spirit in all of our learning. I am not saying a college education is not good we can benefit from that knowledge but as long as it does not puff us up and we miss the righteous knowledge and understanding that we need (James 3:13-18).

Since I have been studying the word more, I often hear people say they need "theologians" before they will read the scriptures. We need to let that go because the "theologian" origination came from the Greek. Although they have our information, they are not our final authority on the word. Yahoshua's roots are Hebrew. The word of YAH says the Holy Spirit is our teacher. Does this mean we never discuss this word with anyone else? Of course, not. Most of the time we need to consider the word out loud because evil can use scriptures against us. We don't bang our heads against the wall trying to make someone understand our point of view. Let he who has eyes to see, see, and who has ears to hear, hear (Matthew 13:9-6). Yahshua said it is the Father who will draw people to him (John 6:44 KJV). Focus on becoming more like YAHOSHUA, and you will find that Abba (Father) YAH will draw people to you.

Now with that said, do we have our own interpretation of the scriptures? If I believe scripture says one thing and you believe it says another do we research and study to find the truth? Do we not pray for revelation? If one is proven to be incorrect according to scriptures do you not correct them? Do you accept correction if it is you that is incorrect? Isn't the goal to get to the truth?

All questions I think about because the truth be told. The Holy Spirit can only say what the Father says, and HIS interpretation is the truth. Many people are lost in pride and use the scriptures to match what they believe. I know I once did that to justify my sin-filled choices. I no longer twist the scripture and realize YAH's truth is the truth. We need to lay pride aside and accept Yahoshua as the final authority on what it takes to serve him.


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