Keeping Us Quiet to Limit Understanding and Growth

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I often struggled with people that refuse to talk about their sins against me. I did not understand until 2017 why and what is happening today with communication and getting along. Mind games are a major problem and fools love messing with people mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to feel superior. Superiority complexes run ramped today. The superiority complex is just another name for the spirit of pride and jealousy. A prideful person has a fierce spirit of jealousy, and they act on this in many ways. Since pagan culture has caused us to water down words and operate in a spirit of passive aggressiveness the prideful person works undercover in false humility.

Calling out the spirits that go with this spirit of pride is essential for stopping them. Since exposing prideful spirits to light (calling it out or recognizing it) stops the wicked, we are taught, by dark principalities, that we are not to even speak of wrongdoing through psychological games to keep people quiet or in other words suck it up and take whatever they dish out.  When I tried to talk to people about what they where doing and why it was wrong, I noticed that  I was the one they blamed as the problem. Since I did not have scripture to stand in at the time, I did not have the protection that I needed to stand against the false accusations and the punishments they felt they had the right to give. Sounds like a god complex too, correct? Yes, if you know people who want to be YHWH they have the spirit of pride.

I had to learn how to handle this spirit so I could cast it out. Recognizing that the spirit of the world has a goal to hunt and destroy anyone coming into the family of YHWH’s people, wickedness uses unrighteous anger to condemn or cause us to condemn ourselves because it pushes us into sin. Many may say anger is not a sin. Well, there are two types of anger. There is righteous anger and that is not a sin, and I will explain why. And there is unrighteous anger and that is a sin. Using the words righteous and unrighteous helps to explain the difference. If you understand what righteousness is and means you can see the difference. Righteous anger fits into the instructions of YARAH and it is the result of hating sin once proven sin is present. How do we prove the presence of sin? By YARAH.

I noticed that the “my truth” people love to talk over or ignore what they hear. I have also seen that society supports wickedness by trying to hinder words, water down means, or limit us to so many words so comprehension is lost. Because the sinner has mastered how to keep other people in sin by taking away the prick of the YARAH. Those that conspire against us have used the following tricks, teaching us to ignore the truth, taking away the truth so it is not spoken or seen, feeding the prideful what they want to hear to cater to wicked hearts. All prophesied in scripture. In the Greek/Roman culture they do not want correction of any sort and therefore created the “my truth and thought movements” with the wicked lie that scripture is up to private interpretation. You see people use scripture to support their lies because many of us want to know what the scriptures say so the wicked pull and flip the scripture to “make it fit,” the sin.

I analyzed a battle I was having with someone one I worked with in the past because conflict and underhandedness was present. This person was constantly trying to make me shorten my writings, videos, and audio recordings to down to 2-3 minutes and less than 350 words on blogs. I tried to conform to this, feeling hurt, because this person thought I talked to much because they did not what to hear the truth of YARAH. This person also did not want me to use scripture and said, “people do not want to read scriptures.” I thought yes there are people just like him that do not want to hear the truth, but I know many people that hunger for more, just as the scriptures tell us. YHWH started to show me the spirit talking through this person was trying to shut me down.
Isaiah 58:1 KJV -

"Cry loudly, do not hold back: Raise your voice like a trumpet, and declare to My people their wrongdoing, And to the house of Yacob their sins.

When I think about the world system it is clear the world system is working to shut us down. If the world system can keep us from calling out wrongdoing or keep us from walking in our callings, it can keep the people of YHWH in bondage. We must break the chains through YARAH, and this is why no one wants us to read the truth. When I write YHWH pours out through me and yes there are people that do not have the understanding due to their spiritual blindness but there are people that can spiritually understand so I write and work for YHWH for his people.

I noticed when I would limit blogs, pages, video, or audio people would not understand the full idea and often still caused problems. Wickedness knows that limited words create confusion and support the lie of leaning to your own understanding to save time. YHWH says NOT to lean to your own understanding and that also supports that scripture is not up to private interpretation. Regardless of the “my truth” movement what people think, and feel do not override YHWH. YHWH is restoring his truth in YARAH with his great word(magnitude). Learn more about multitude or magnitude.

Speed reading, speed listening, or trying only to pick what you people think is important has proven people fail to understand what is being taught but they can temporarily memorize large amounts of data but once they pass the test it goes away. They are forever learning but fail to understand. Understand means to comprehend and YHWH says in gaining knowledge get understanding. I have seen people waste money after spending thousands of dollars on education only to drop that and do something else. If they are only taking something to see if the like it what a waste of money. We have seen this with many people and college degrees. I had to turn down many offers for jobs outside of my, very expensive, college training. I can see the benefits of sticking with my training field now. I can set roots of knowledge of skill training with my spiritual training. I do not have to deal with wasting money with trainings that do not fit my assignment.

Teaching someone takes a multitude of words but of well placed and organized words. We must know the meaning of our words and understand what we teach, and YHWH holds us to his standards and the standards of what we teach. Thought leaders tell the children of the world to copy someone else’s and sell that information but they do not understand the inner workings.

Taking roots means I learned and lived the processes I teach based on YHWH’s YARAH.

Here is a scripture I found that about the multitude of words. I like this one, but I can see in other bible versions how the newer translations have twisted the wording to support keeping us quiet.

Proverbs 10:19 KJV- In the multitude of words there want not sin: but he that refrain his lips is wise.

In other versions the scripture says many words cause sin. When we read this scripture it says it does not cause sin and when you confirm many word it supports the sabbath teachings and other appointed feast days for study and gathering.  Many words spoken by fool show his foolishness so this does not mean the wise of YHWH as we chose our words according to YARAH. Why? Because full teaching must occur for understanding to happen. If you have ever experience advertising tricks that only give you so-called free information, it is summary, and you must pay more for the full (the real version) of the training. The free version is a shortened version that normally leaves out steps and this conforms to the easy button person. Once you walk through the so-called training whatever you are trying to do, most likely, does not come out like their finally result. So now you wasted time.

Gaining understanding of the scriptures, I cannot do a minute scripture. The people of YHWH know we must do word translation searches to restore the Hebrew words and we must uncover the covered meanings of words and help someone understand how the scriptures still apply today. Reframing our lips fall in line with controlled anger because patience is a fruit of the Ruach of YHWH. If you have ever spent time with someone that exploded in anger you can see how unreasonable they are and rarely do they apologize for the anger. I know someone that believes it is healthy to argue. I know I must watch every word I say and sometime not saying anything at all is reason enough for them to make up something. YHWH hates strife and a person quick to anger does not have Ruach of YAH. And the false accusations break the nineth commandment.

When you have an issue with someone, we go to them in confidence. We do not betray their confidence and we try to talk it out. If they have sinned according to YARAH, not man or demonic doctrine, if so, we can then go to 2-3 other people if the person will not hear us out, and then righteous counsel for a judgement based on YARAH. Not just any group of people, unrighteous counsel will gossip. Mattiyahu 18:15 -17 KJV. Since the world does not want to consider sin as a transgression of the law of YHWH that does not stop us from being obedient and it does not stop us for shouting the truth of YARAH (Torah) everywhere!!

Something to think about:

Have you noticed how only certan speakers are allowed to speak more often then others?  Or how do the society leaders select who they want out front?


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