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Selecting The Correct Things To Rebel Against

Selecting The Correct Things to Rebel Against 21 December 2020 |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal I can feel the cloud of oppression, too, and it can come in many forms.  However, we tend to rebel against YAH instead of wickedness.  Rebelling against YAH is witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23 KJV), yet no one rebels against witchcraft, except for YAH's people.  People think today’s world follows the Most High YAH, and the truth is, if they did, why is there so much wickedness in the world.  Many falsely believe the problem is YAH, and he doesn’t have a perfect will because...

The Real Bold

The Real Bold Is The Humble In Spirit 16 July 2018 (Updated November 29 2020)  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal I did not like the world bold until recently. Why? The word bold was used against me to infer that I was weak because I trust Elohim, I am laid back. I don't rush into things, anymore. I know what it means to wait on Yahovah without trying to force his hand. The definition of bold doesn't mean we have to be firm and demand what we want from Abba or others. I read an article the other day, and the author was telling a story of someone who wrote to him for help. She wanted...

Faith Is An Action

Faith Is An Action 12 August 2018 (Updated November 30 2020)  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal We often hear "have faith." But do you wonder how to apply that to everyday living? Perhaps you say I do have faith but things don't seem to be working, or a loved one is still ill or has passed. Or you still feel fearful. I know it didn't make sense to me either because I have faith. We are familiar with the term faith is the belief in the unseen (Hebrews 11:1). And faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of YAH (Romans 10:17). Okay, that's good. What am I missing? I know these...

Avoid The Pride Agenda: Seek The Confidence Of Elohim

Avoid The Pride Agenda: Seek The Confidence of Elohim 26 August 2018 (Updated November 30 2020)  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal The scriptures tell us that Proverbs 16:18 (KJV)(18) Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall." Many people are prideful and love it, and many of us don't want to be prideful at all; however, we are surrounded by the pride agenda of spiritual dark evil forces. The pride agenda seems encouraging. Such as black girls rock, or any pride focused organization.  Remember wolves travel in packs that are called prides. But if you...

Intuition or The Set Apart Spirit of YAH

Intuition or The Set Apart Spirit of YAH 7 May 2019 (Updated December 1 2020)  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal Many will say that intuition or that gut feeling is the Ruach.  I know it is very easy to take the credit that belongs to the Ruach (Set Apart Spirit of Yah).  However, when we operate from our feelings we normally end up in a mess (Psalm 40 KJV).  We don't operate from emotions and expect a good outcome.  Did you know intuition is a feeling, sensing, or thought?  The keyword is it is a feeling and sensing.  When I say the word immediately...

Creating Your Blessings

Creating Your Blessings 25 August 2019 (Updated December 2 2020)  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal Deuteronomy 11:26-27 King James Version (KJV) 26 Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse; 27 A blessing, if ye obey the commandments of the KING and Elohim, which I command you this day: I chose to go after my blessing yes through learning and obeying the word of YAH! I am free because who the Son set’s free is free indeed (John 8:36 KJV) and I know I have the power to serve and love the MOST YAH the way he sets forth.  Yes, that means we can...

Slave or Servant Two Different Words

Slave or Servant Two Different Words 12 May 2020 (Updated December 3 2020)  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal The word and meaning of slave and servant are different yet, as I am reading through the scriptures, I realize the word servant and slave are used interchangeably today.  The scriptures call a slave a bondman or bondswoman.  I will not add the verses in this portion of the blog as these are first my own thoughts.  I will add the scriptures and passage addresses at the end as I finally realize that many people are using our beloved scriptures to control us. ...

Spiritual Poverty and Poverty In Money Are Not The Same

Spiritual Poverty and Poverty In Money Are Not The Same 19 August 2020  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal I will tell you right away no unless you have made money your Elohim. If you put your faith in money, and most of us have at one point, you need to refocus your faith. Faith means to fasten. Looks past the Greek that says faith is to have a thought and go with that thought. Faith means to secure yourself to something or someone. In the last blog, we talked about serving two masters. Do you feel the difference when you noticed you are pulled between the world and YAH? I can feel...

Money Is A Supply and Not A Resource

Money Is A Supply and Not A Resource 21 August 2020  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal Over the years, I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard the lie that money is a resource. Worse yet is the lie that money belongs to The Most High YAH. I have also heard that we need to have a money relationship—all false information to devote yourself to mammon. If you know mammon is the demonic spirit over money, then they claim that all money belongs to god is correct because this demonic spirit is their god. Money is not a resource because you cannot grow money. Money is paper printed...

Can Business Owners Really Control Our Own Workschedules

Can Business Owners Really Control Our Own Work Schedules? 24 August 2020  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal Do we, as business owners, really have power over our own schedules?  Honestly, I am wondering these days as business ownership was an opportunity to stop working like a slave and provide the services to clients that I thought was always missing.  I thought I could have the flexibility to run the business until I realize clients believe they run the business.  I felt the client's pain when they said they could get an appointment or they were being overcharged,...

Breaking the Cycle of Suppression and Oppression

Breaking the Cycle of Suppression and Oppression 30 December 2020  |  Yaschica Ben Y'Isreal One of my assignments inside of my calling is to encourage others to move forward.  In the process, I am learning that there are a lot of smoke screens, blinders, and flimsy imaginary walls put before us to keep us from moving out of our boxed in place.  Have you ever heard of this phrase?  “Get in your place.”  Many people are fighting to be a part of someone else’s assignment.  If someone else’s assignment does not align with your assignment, you are not...


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